Hello! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Quicker. Our names are Paul & Matt. We are two Australians who love travel, photography and most of all, a passion for quick and easy accommodation search!

We wanted to create a website that showcased the most luxurious and outstanding places in Australia. With quality and efficiency in mind, Quicker was born – an all-in-one customised experience for anyone searching for a getaway.

With the magnifying glass on Australia, the destinations shown on Quicker are all hand picked and researched with care.
Users can book hotels, villas, beach escapes – you name it. All with the help of a universal accommodation engine, Booking.com. We’ve partnered with them to ensure 100% Guaranteed Lowest Prices, faster booking processes and even special promotional discounts.

Not only can you book accommodation, you’re invited to “Explore The Surroundings”. Why not make the most of the city/area you’re in?!


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